What Causes Sweaty Palms

Regular sweating is essential for normal functioning of the body but when it reaches an extreme level, that’s a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis. It is not exactly clear what leads to this condition, although there is some speculation it emanates from overactive glands. Unlike normal sweating that occurs when you are engaged in strenuous physical activity or when distressed, hyperhydrosis occurs even when you are resting. Majority of the affected people begins experiencing the effects during adolescences. The most affected parts are hands, feet and armpits. Possible causes of the condition include:


Excessive sweating can be passed from one generation to the other through genes. If you have a parent, sibling or close relative suffering from hyperhidrosis you are likely to experience the condition too as you grow older. Actually, controlling this condition has proven a hard nut to crack for health experts.

Developmental stages

People in certain developmental stages such as puberty and menopause experience hyperhidrosis. The cause of excess perspiration in these stages is actually psychological. They often disappear on their own after some time.

Abnormal body functions

Any unusual functioning of spinal cord, brains and the nerves may also trigger the condition. Sweating is controlled by the hypothalamus and if the brains are interfered with, the wrong signal can be sent to the glands making it think that the body is experiencing surplus heat. This in turn results into excess synthesis of sweat even when you are resting.

Emotional conditions

If you are experiencing emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress you are likely to experience this condition too. You need to overcome the disorientation in order for you to control hyperhidrosis condition effectively.

Cardiac problems

Excessive sweating particular at night is a symptom of endocarditis. Germs or bacteria spread from other sections of the body to the affected part of your body. When patients are suffering from this condition, it is normally accompanied by a number of other life-threatening symptoms like chills and fever, panting, body ache, pale skin, fatigue and enhanced heart murmur.

Anxiety disorders When you are embarrassed or stressed, you are likely to experience normal level of sweating. However, when you are suffering from emotional suffering, you are plausible to experience excessive sweating condition. The condition affects relationships and destructs daily life. The sickness is competed by a number of other symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, insomnia, obsessive worrying and poor concentration.


Patients suffering from leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma are also predisposed to ailing from excessive sweating. According to research conducted by Mayo Clinic, leukemia affects lymphatic, body tissues and bone marrow. Hyerhidrosis accompanied by signs like shortness of breath, frequent fatigue, fever and chills, easy bruising and bleeding and weight loss all indicate that you could be suffering from certain cancers.

Thyroidal disease

The disease happens when thyroidal glands synthesize surplus thyroid hormones. Excessive production of the hormone affects the metabolism system of the body. People suffering from this condition are also likely to experience other kinds of symptoms like intolerance to heat, sudden weight loss, rapid heart beat, tremor of the hands and increased appetite.

All these issues could lead to sweaty palms. However, there is a treatment available to get rid of sweaty palms, click here for more information.


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